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Welcome to the Red Horse Coffee Store!!

We take great pride in the quality and variety of our on-site-roasted coffee beans.  Our beans are available at our shop. 

We are also happy to ship directly to you.  We charge $3.00 per pound to cover shipping and handling. 



Bolivia Colonial Caranavi:  (organic) (fair trade): Heavy-bodied, pleasantly spicy, mild acidity  



Brazil Cafe': (organic) (fair trade): dark roast, hints of cinnamon, smokey, full-bodied, balanced, roasty finish



Ethiopia Sidamo: (organic) (fair trade): complex coffee; overall aroma of spice with fruit notes, especially blueberry, chocolate after taste, full bodied, nice sweetness to overall profile, medium brightness and acidity



Peru Penachi: (organic) (fair trade): full-bodied coffee with medium acidity, some fruity and chocolatey notes - Drinkable and appealing



Nicaragua Rio De Coco: (organic) (fair trade): medium bodied coffee with light acidity, chocolate with hints of vanilla, and a subtle finish of earth and spice



Guatemala Forestal Tajmulco: (organic) (fair trade): medium-dark roast, complex, slightly acidic, with a smooth, nutty finish



Columbia Cafe' Feminine: (organic) (fair trade): medium, dark roast, superbly balanced, caramel aroma, low acidity with a chocolate finish



Sumatra Gayo Linge: (organic) (fair trade):  dark roast, very smooth with slight caramel & earthy undertones, delicious as an all day sip or dessert coffee



Honduras Marcala: (organic) (fair trade): medium-dark roast, light acidity, light citrus notes, full bodied, some spice



Italian Roast: (organic) (fair trade):  dark roast, full-bodied blend with some spice and a hint of roastiness under chocolate under tones



ESPRESSO -- Tre Sole: (organic) (fair trade): our signature espresso blend, carefully selected to create a deliciously smooth
espresso experience, traditional to Northern Italy -- smooth, sweet, full bodied, earthy undertones with caramel and an intensely delicious flavor - enjoyed as the delicious extraction of our espresso based drinks and as a robust brewed coffee



Cait's Blend: (organic) (fair trade):  1/3, 1/3, 1/3 - body go where no coffee has gone before - seek out this new combo of flavor-deep and wish - a triple delight of chocolate, nut, and earth - outspoken & defiant




Espresso: Tre Sole Decaf: (organic) (fair trade)  Swiss water processed decaf - our delicious espresso blend in decaf alternative - dark roast, flavorful, robust, smooth, with caramel and earth.  Also enjoyed as a brewed coffee



Peru Penache Decaf: (organic) (fair trade): Swiss water processed decaf - delicious, medium roast, full-bodied with chocolate undertones and a smooth finish



$3.00 Shipping and Handling per pound.  No minimum order.

Order Red Horse Coffee Traders custom roasted beans now!


Red Horse Coffee Traders Roast all our coffee beans on site.  Feel free to ask our well-trained staff to help you select the perfect coffee for your tastes or for that special someone. 



Coffee ~ one of life's pleasures!!

We take great pride in always providing you with your favorite brew done your way.  


What goes better with our coffee than our wonderful selection of pastries!  Made fresh daily, we have our daily offerings plus seasonal specialities.  

Red Horse Coffee Traders is located on Main Street of the beautiful small town of Joseph, Oregon.  

sit out on the deck and enjoy the creek running past, the sounds and sites of small town life, and the incomparable backdrop of the Wallowa Mountains.  Get you beverages and food "To Go" and enjoy at any one of the infinite spots of beauty.   

Check out a video of our store front in Joseph Oregon!

Red Horse Virtual Tour

Have a look around the restaurant before you visit!


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Our Custom Red Horse Coffee Trader Cup are available.  Start your day out with Red Horse!

Our Custom Red Horse Coffee Trader Cup are available.  Start your day out with Red Horse!