Red Horse Coffee Traders’s World Class Menu

Inside the beautiful golden brown establishment, pastries created from scratch and fine coffee is served by some of the most hospitable staff. Some of the delicacies that you might want to try first are the muffins and the quinoa bowl, which comprises salsa, hummus quinoa, carrots, beets, tomatoes, mixed greens, and black beans. The veggie corn cake is also a fantastic option and features a combination of black beans, green onions, carrots, and cheese to create a delightful taste. It is quite interesting to see how the Red Horse Coffee Traders manage to pull off such a world-class menu in such a small town. Other notable items on the menu include their house-made granola and veggie burrito.

Like their coffee venture in Idaho, Red Horse Coffee Traders focuses on making high-quality coffee with beans sourced from the rich areas of Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and other places across the globe. The couple designed Tre Sol, their own espresso blend, which in Italian means three sons. The coffee bean logos were designed from Steve Arment’s decorative wooden horse, which was made during the renovation of the building. The beans are sold whole and can also be ground upon request.

Since the establishment of Red Horse Coffee Traders (funded in part by local banks and credit unions), the company has experienced tremendous growth. Today Red Horse Coffee Traders is one of the most popular places in Joseph to hangout during lunch and dinner. Every year Mike’s roasting skills keep getting better and better. It is safe to say that Mike has entered the apex of the art of coffee roasting. Although the Red Horse Coffee Traders menu does not feature a lot of items, it has a fantastic selection featuring fresh homemade baked products, El Tomatino, burrito panini, and with time the owners plan to expand the menu to include sandwiches. However, the selection of coffee drinks is quite extensive, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something that you like. When you make a trip to the Red Horse Coffee Traders, you can expect to get nothing less but the best coffee around. They guarantee that only quality coffee is served in the establishment by handpicking only the best coffee beans from areas across the globe with rich soil, climate, and coffee-growing techniques. The Red Horse Coffee Traders also offer a selection of freshly baked products in addition to their fantastic selection of coffee beverages. A delightful coffee experience awaits you when you visit Red Horse Coffee Traders in Joseph.